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Welcome to the website of AMORE FOR EVER

We are an exclusive international dating agency AMORE FOR EVER with a seat in Prague.

 We have been specializing in bringing together girls and women from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and men who live in the western countries (getting to know a foreigner).

 Our clients include men from the entire world, businessman, expert from various fields and salesmen. They are men who want to meet attractive and interesting women. They are men who are looking for love, romance, understanding, but also a home and family. New countries, beautiful places and a great many exhilarating experiences are awaiting you. Break through you language barriers and improve your standard of living... and, while doing so, meet the man of your life. All you need to do is to complete the registration form on our website. Your registration in the international dating database is free, and so are the services for our clients.

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